Middle-Earthly Lotus

The whole thing about lotus flowers is how they grow in the middle of swamps and yet they're beautiful and pure and stuff.
Orcs... Not so much with the beautiful and pure, admittedly, but the comparison still holds water. Or at least mud.
Tune: Maureen S. O'Brien's "Barrayaran Roses"

We are like the lotus
Rising from the swamp,
Emerging to a life
So filled with strife,
We're thoughtless, dumb and damp.
We were elves, and now we're tainted, soiled;
Orcs are Middle-Earthly lotus,
Born to toil.

We are like the lotus;
No choice but to grow.
Our own comrades kill us,
But they'll shield us
When the good guys show.
We were made to be the Evil's pawns;
Orcs are Middle-Earthly lotus,
Made in scorn.

Middle-Earthly lotus,
Stinking, foul and gross.
We die by the thousands
And none think it a loss.
We were made for slaughter
And death's our only trade.
But we'll still be around
When Elves all fade.

We are like the lotus,
Born within the muck.
Shapeless, stained and broken;
We were taken
By our own bad luck.
We never betray and never lie;
Orcs are Middle-Earthly lotus,
Born to die.