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Monkeys don't do those things

יום שני, אוקטובר 20th, 2008
Monkeys don’t do those things
by Tamir Buchshtav
based on "Ladies don't do those things" by Escape Key

I was born in a cave as my clan used to be
And I’d never look more then a caveman to thee
Cause humans in my time were weaklings and prey
But progress’ the power that would win us the day
It was back in our first cave it came to a head
When a few proto-tigers would prey on our band
But its life that we want and to spread on the world
I heard my sons then saying:
“Monkeys don’t do those things”
Oh no they don’t but then torch-bearers do
Stay safe in your cave until I come for you
And when I came back from the mountains of flame
You never once though to get over your shame
What your brains can do you never knew