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Journey to the West

אוקטובר 20th, 2008 by Tamir
Journey to the West
by Tamir Buchshtav

How has he come to this place?
Greatest of a mighty race?
Trapped beneath a mountain's mass,
He who once has shone.

He who challenged Heaven's might,
Born to lead and born to fight,
Born from sea and stone and light,
From the north wind's moan.

Made of stone, trapped by stone,
Under mountains all alone,
By a monk his way be shown,
Waiting to atone.

He who brought his people high,
He who was too strong to die,
He who was defeated by,
The one enlightened most.

Brought down by the Budha's will,
Promised he will use his skill,
Promised he will wait until,
The time to pay the cost.

Now imprisoned he must stay,
Till he follows Budha's way,
Only this will help him pay,
And earn his rightfull place.

Now had passed five hundred years,
Now the monk is drawing near,
Time for his release is here,
His Journey to the West.

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