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I don't Know the Words Blues

אוקטובר 20th, 2008 by Tamir
I Don’t Know the Words Blues
by Tamir Buchshtav
based on "Butterbug Blues" by Echo's Children

I lie in my bed and I can't get to sleep,
They fill my whole head so I can't even count sheep,
They grip me real tight and they will never let loose,
I got the "songs that are stuck in my mind and are never releasing me" blues.

I find myself lying, awake in my bed,
With songs that I don't know swirling round in my head,
I don't know the words and just vaguely the tunes,
I got the "songs that get stuck in my head even though I don’t know the words" blues.

I heard my friends sing it, a couple of times,
I only remember this annoying one rhyme,
But that doesn’t stop it from keeping me up,
And if it doesn’t let go then I swear I am going to sing it as rap!


It’s 4 in the morning, way too early for me,
But still this song holds me and won’t let me go free,
It won’t let me go until I know it by heart,
But I don’t know where it goes I don’t know where it ends I don’t know where it starts.


I’m twisting and turning the words in my mind,
I’m changing the meaning around and around,
It’s a really nice music I can certainly use,
And so I can’t fall asleep cause I’m filking up new words to Butterbug Blues!

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