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Tick Croc

ינואר 28th, 2017 by Tamir

To the tune of "Tik Tok" by Ke$ha

Wake up in the mornin' feelin' like Anne Bonnie
Grab my tricorne I'm out the door I'm gonna hit the dory
Before I leave brush ma teeth with a bottle of Cult
Cause when I leave for the shore I'm goin' on assault

I'm talkin' oilin' up our wig, wig
Scrubbing up all the rig rig
Boys goin' on our gig gig

Oars out and callin' our favorite war cries
Pullin' up to the shore, guys
Tryna get a little bit surprise

Don't stop, make it pop
Peter, gonna blow you up
Tonight I'mma fight
Till we see the sunlight
Tick tock goes the croc
And I'm feelin' the shock, no
Whoa-oh oh oh
Whoa-oh oh oh

Don't stop…

Ain't got a chance in the world, but got plenty of rum
Ain't got no booty in my holds, but I'm not just a bum
Now, the boys are lining up cause they hear we got Tinker
But we sailin' out to sea unless they're comin' with Peter

I'm talkin' bout – everybody getting sunk sunk
Runnin' off to the junk, junk
Gonna smack him if he tryin' to flank, flank
Now, now – we robin' till they kick us out, out
Mermaids shut us down, down
Lily shut us – (down)-man

Don't stop…

Gator, you ate my hand
You want my all
My clock it ticks
You won't get me
With my sword up
I got you now
I'll stop that sound
Yeah, I got you

You ate my hand
You want my all
My clock it ticks
You won't get me
With my sword up
Keep my sword up
keep my sword up

Now, the battle don't start 'til I walk in

Don't stop…

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