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Poor Impulse Control

אפריל 13th, 2021 by admin

TTTO "rich fantasy lives" by Tom Smith and Rob Balder:

That guy in the store,
Buying yarn by the score
With a fever that I think that we know
With his hunched look of guilt;
There's a half-finished quilt
In his bag, and three skeins of merino.

As he unpacks his order,
Which he can't afford,
He'll sigh, feeling worn and defeated.
And the walls of the room
Strain to hold spindles, looms,
And projects that won't be completed

Poor impulse control
When fiber craft calls, he is held in its thrall.
Half-finished tapestries, unravelled shawls,
Speak of poor impulse control.

The QA you hear frown
From three cubicles down
Has scrolled now for two solid hours
She tried not to be grabbed -
But a (1) in the tab
Is holding her under its power.

It sings her a song
Of some guy who is wrong
On the net and must now be corrected.
She will close the tab, then
Have it open again
In a span of time barely detected.

Poor impulse control
She tries not to fall into feeding the trolls.
Her emails unread while the net takes its toll
Of her poor impulse control.

We do what we can
But whatever we plan
There's nothing but chaos behind it
The brains we have got
More often than not
Will grab onto joy where they find it

So don't be unkind
To your struggling mind;
Work with what you have, not against it.
Take care of yourselves
And make room on your shelves
For the days when your resolve is tested…

Poor impulse control
We need to feel whole in our spirit and soul
And sometimes that means extra cinnamon rolls
Poor impulse control

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