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A Screen Too Blue

אוקטובר 20th, 2008 by Dana
A Screen Too Blue

Tune: Three Weird Sisters' "A Gown Too Blue"

::sounds of computer loading::

Running at 100% CPU
I test the pitiful programs I do.
Running in debug mode
I try to test my code
Praying to God it'll work.
Breakpoints and debug prints,
Searching for clues and hints,
Hunting the bugs that still lurk.

I suffered from over-confidence;
Thought I could make this work right.
What I wrote yesterday makes no sense;
God, this'll take the whole night!

I turned my head as the deadline drew near,
Pretended to know just what I'm doing here.
How all my arrogance
Joined with incompetence
To drive me to write buggy code?
Why did the memory burst?
I should have tested first.
God, it takes ages to load – just to load!

Everything books didn't teach me,
Functions I couldn't F1 –
Test versions torture and leach me
And I have barely begun — just begun…

Computer gets stuck when compiling's complete.
I press the alt, then control and delete.
What horrors, how obscene:
Blueness engulfs my screen,
Deadly and chill as a grave.
My eyes don't dare to blink.
I cannot help but think,
"Now, did that file really save?" – Did I save?!

Oh, Bill Gates, curse you to damnation!
I know I pressed CTRL+S.
Every bug and alteration –
I'll never finish this test, this damned test.

Reboot and restart and file system loading.
I have to spend the entire night coding.
Write the whole thing from scratch -
Who cares if versions match?
Whatever works I will keep. If it works, it will keep.

Too much code to debug.
No more coffee in my mug.
Screw this. I'm going to sleep — back to sle…


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