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Look Up, Dominique

נובמבר 9th, 2008 by L
Look Up, Dominique

Tune: original
Based upon "The Fountainhead", Ayn Rand (yes, yes, yes…)

She stands by the building, she raises her gaze
The skyscraper glinting in pale summer haze
The city runs by her, a woman alone
The iron and concrete, the glass and the stone

She knows he is high on the building she loves
And she knows he will never look down
The bright living sunlight brings tears to her eyes;
Her feet will not answer the ground

Look up, Dominique, for the sunlight becomes you
Who lived far too brightly and burned far too soon
You never noticed the blood that was running
When laughing, in fire, you knew that he won
You knew that he loved only stones – and you knew
You knew that for him you’ll be stone

The sign in the corner stands lonely and proud
She walks with her feet dancing swift and unbound
And she never smiled, but the ice is a guise
Her joy is too fierce for to speak past her eyes

The name tastes like honey and wine on her lips
She steps up to take her due place
She smiles as she pictures the sun in her hair
And pictures the look on his face

Look up, Dominique…

The concrete sails past her; the streets down below
The fire she dared not to speak or to show
Their brightness – her brightness – she smiles, free and wild
She looks up above – and he laughs like a child

His figure is marble and iron and light
And almost a part of the sky –
She knows he will never look down, and she knows
She rises to meet him on high

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