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Bin There, Dun That, With Daleks

נובמבר 9th, 2008 by L

Bin There, Dun That, With Daleks
Tune: "Bin There, Dun That" by Echo's Children

Something whispered in the darkness, and I peeked in quick and dumb
And I reckon I'd be dead now if the Doctor hadn't come
Well he grabbed my hand and – "RUN!" – and we went rushing for the door
I don't think I'm gonna take more look in drugstore basement floors

'Cause I bin there, dun that, learned what I should know
Fought the baddies, saved the planet, got the trauma I can show
Yes I bin there, dun that, learned to recognize
When it's gonna get fantastic by the madness in his eyes

I ran smack into a Dalek in a secret army base
And I guess I wasn't thinking when I reached to touch its… face
Now the soldiers tried to kill it but they didn't have a prayer,
I'm not dumb, I'm not expendable, and – shit, it's up the stairs!

'Cause I bin there, dun that…

Cybermen are creepy and they aren't very nice
If you think you can surrender, well, I say you should think twice
But if you wind up upgraded, there's no need to put a fight
You'll have tears and angst aplenty in the spin off late at night (sorry, Ianto!)

'Cause I bin there, dun that…

Now those stupid TV villains, they have got no sense of fair
You may think you've killed their species, but just turn and they're still there
They're still present by the millions, and the Doctor's out of luck
It's a good thing that I got a bit of courage – and a truck

'Cause I bin there, dun that…

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