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Fuzzy Fish

ארכיון פילקים בעברית ופילקים שנכתבו ע"י כותבים ישראלים

Archival Worker Song

פברואר 2nd, 2021 by admin

TTTO: Great Big Sea’s version of Process Man


Oh, please go, just go,
He’ll bind your very soul
And every day you’re in this place, you’re nearer eaten whole.
Won’t you go?

Well an Archivist am I, and you cannot tell me lies,
Despite my will I’m serving still the foul whims of the Eye
By the scars he’s left upon me and the grey that’s in my hair,
I promise you, all that you do will not escape its stare.

Oh, please go, just go,…

I’ve been held by a mannequin until my spirit broke,
I've crawled beneath creation to the very heart of Choke.
I’ve had worms inside my every limb, near lost my hand to burns;
Amidst the wrath, he sits and laughs. It makes my stomach turn.

Oh, please go, just go,…

It seems like one more office job. I really wish it was.
Instead he makes us give our lives to some unholy cause.
Please learn from our mistakes. There is no way to quit this crew.
For every day you take his pay, he’ll take what’s left of you.

Oh, please go, just go,…

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