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Fuzzy Fish

ארכיון פילקים בעברית ופילקים שנכתבו ע"י כותבים ישראלים

Jonah gloating at the panopticon

פברואר 2nd, 2021 by admin


TTTO: "Prince Ali (Jafar's reprise)" from Disney's aladin

Archivist! oh I have missed our little meetings
You’ve been gone, trav'ling so long; here, finally.
The world is ruined, and I
Now reign, beloved of the Eye,
So won’t you join me in ruling eternally?

You refuse? Oh well, I’m used to disappointment.
That’s to say, I’ll have my way eventually.
You know, it’s safe to assume
Your charming efforts are doomed.
What’s done to the world cannot be reversed,
You think this is bad? Well, just wait for worse,
As I gut reality, the finality
Of my schemes you will see:
You all must bow to me!

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