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Orion's Lament

אוקטובר 20th, 2008 by Tamir
Orion's Lament
by Tamir Buchshtav

In a war that lasted eons,
We have fought since time began.
Through the ages we have battled,
Clashing time and time again.

You have always been my rival,
You have sought to slay my kind.
I have always thought you evil,
Knowing not what's on your mind.

I have always traveled backwards,
Never knowing why we fight.
Just defending from your actions,
Shielding mankind from your might.

I have killed him I admired,
To preserve the future's path.
I have fought and I have countered,
Your designs of painful wrath.

Till that night before the ice age,
When I saw the war begin.
Men with future weapons slaughtered,
All your gentle, peaceful kin.

Ahriman, my enemy,
I sorrow for your pain.
For your kind and gentle kinfolk,
Killed for heartless Aten's gain.

Ahriman, my enemy,
Though I cannot make amends,
Your kin shall be remembered,
Till the world no longer stands.

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