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Pushing the Message On

אוקטובר 20th, 2008 by Dana
Pushing the Message On

It figures that the only Pratchett filk I have written to date is 1. serious-bordering-on-OSE and 2. incomprehensible to anyone who hadn't read a certain Discworld novel ("Going Postal", as it happens – and if you like Pratchett and haven't read it yet, READ IT).
Also, it figures that the people this song relates to are basically the Discworld's equivalent of network programmers. Heh.
Tune: Jordin Kare's "Pushing the Speed of Light"

Now the Grand Trunk stretches across the land
Pushing the message on.
And the towers need every working hand
To push the message on.
And you're far too young, and you're far too bright,
But it's far away and the pay's all right,
So you find yourself spending endless nights
Pushing the message on.

And you've left behind you your childhood's home
To direct the messages' restless roam
As you're pushing the message on.

True clacksmen do their work alone,
Pushing the message on.
Up in the tower, you're on your own
As you push the message on.
You are always there, whether well or sick,
And your eyes grow sharp and your hands turn quick
Till your heart beats time to the shutters' click
As they push the message on.

And the shutters can get stuck or break
As they're pushing the message on.
And a minute's fix is all it takes
To keep pushing the message on.
So you climb the tower up and high
Until your hands can reach the sky
And you fix that shutter on the fly
To push the message on.

But the rope was weak; you stayed up too long
Trying to push the message on.
The winds that blow there are much too strong
To keep pushing the message on.
Their wails are like a siren call,
And your rope goes snap there against the wall.
And you know you won't survive this fall
To push the message on.

But the other towers saw the warning flame
That pushed the message on.
The other clacksmen know your name
And they push your message on.
You might be deceased, but you're never dead
While your name is still in the Overhead
And it's sent to the towers on ahead,
That push the message on.

It may be a while more you'll need to roam
But your soul is being Sent Back Home
And it pushes the message on.

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