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Soul of Filking

אוקטובר 20th, 2008 by Dana
Soul of Filking

After Fantasy.Con, at which after I stopped singing someone said, "Great, now let's all cut our throats!" I resolved to start writing more cheerful stuff.
…I think I just failed.

TTTO "Hallelujah", the Rufus Wainwright version.

I think there is a basic tune
In ancient verse, in word and rune -
But you don't really care what I am thinking.
And whether that is right or wrong
I hear it within every song;
I think that it must be the soul of filking.

Your faith was strong, but you needed skill.
You came to writing with a will;
The vision of its greatness was too fleeting.
You sang it, but you only heard
A broken voice, forgotten words,
Another shadow of the soul of filking.

Might be I've heard it sung out loud
In filksings, standing in the crowd;
The memory's gone, just like this stuff I'm drinking.
I've seen the words in a lyric sheet,
But the blotted paper couldn't fit
The very size of all the soul of filking.

There was a time I knew for sure
That I could sing it tall and pure.
That time has passed, my self esteem is weakening.
I remember how within the fuss
The room entire screamed with us,
The voices pledging to the soul of filking.

Perhaps that basic tune exists;
But all I've ever known is this -
Of true creation I have but an inkling.
It's never good as I could wish;
I'm no Frank Hayes or Leslie Fish,
Just another addict to the act of filking.

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