Leslie Crosses

Leslie Crosses

Based on the movie Bridge to Terabithia, and may contains spoilers to it.
Tune: Original.


You can run fast, but you know I run faster.
Race you someplace where you've never been?
A place where us, lowliest kids, reign as masters,
A place like you've never seen.

Though it's hidden, I see it, and from what you've told me
I think you are one of those who see it too;
This rope may look frayed but I know it'll hold me,
And this crossing is meant for two –

Terabithia's calling for you.

This stream is a bridge to the land of unknown –
Oh, the things you will see when you're crossing it through!
For so many years now I've been here alone;
It's better to go with you.

The troll may be large but we'll easily defeat her –
We have a prince-troll-hunter in whom to trust.
Janice is mean because her father beats her,
But I'll help her if I must –

Terabithia's calling for us.

Oh this world is no place for the different and lonely,
This world is no place for the ones who want dreams,
I hear Terabithia trying to call me,
It calls me to cross the stream.

You are not here; somehow that's not surprising,
But over the stream I'll be wandering free.
I know it's a risk when the waves are a-rising,
But I have no choice, you see –

Terabithia's calling for me!


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