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Fly Little Bird

פברואר 14th, 2009 by Dana
Fly Little Bird

TTTO Seanan McGuire's "Fly Little Bird".
When I first listened to that song, I was absolutely sure it was going to be about GRRM's "A Song of Ice and Fire". To my surprise, it wasn't. So I wrote this.

Fly little bird, fly to me, fly little bird, won’t you try?
Try little bird, lie to me, lie little bird, won’t you fly?

Mockingbirds hide their nest deep in the forest
And mimic the others in song,
Rumors will tell you I cannot be trusted.
Who said the rumors are wrong?

Your mother had beauty, your father had honor
And neither had been you much help
But I am a mockingbird, lurking in shadows,
And now you have nobody else.

Hounds, they are vicious and loyal and brutal
And won't back away from a fight
Hounds never let go of prey once they find it
I think the hounds must be right

I've learned by the hard way to never take pity,
No quarter, no prisoners here
And I am a monster, yes, just like my brother
But you have worse monsters to fear.

I'm no prince from a ballad, no knight in fine armor
But a girl must seek refuge from those who would harm her
The world is a cold place; you won't find it warmer
crying "Please, ser, please ser, come rescue me."
Fly, little bird…

Now we shall see what is hidden inside you.
It will not stay hidden for long.

You bought your life's price for a kiss and some verses…
I shouldn't have taken that song.

The goal's one and easy, the ways are complex
Through blood and birth, beauty and wealth -
And you are so beautiful, just like your mother…

You're beautiful just as yourself.

I'm no prince…

No home. No hope.
Learn how to cope.
You've no House to run back to.
No one else will come save you.

Be strong.
Be wise.
Learn to tell lies.
There's no safety left to find,
Even within your own mind.

I'm no prince…

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