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One Long Way

אוקטובר 20th, 2008 by Dana
One Long Way

TTTO "One Big Sea" by Talis Kimberly. Spoilers for Doctor Who episode "Girl in the Fireplace".

He is gone and will not return.
Doesn't prevent me waiting for him.
Watched the fireplace as it burned:
Didn't so much as get glimpses of him.

And I still can see his face, hear his voice,
Je Regrette.
He hasn't changed a bit since the day that we first met.

He said that he came from far away:
He tried to explain, but it wasn't quite clear.
Since I was a child, he did not age one day.
What are, to him, those six miserable years?

And I've beat clockwork androids that came for me,
Slept with the king of France,
I've studied art and music,
Taught one lonely boy to dance.
But he's shown me choices I never knew,
And for these I love and hate him:
For one long way that we all walk through,

And years and years of waiting.

I still believe he'll come back for me.
He always returned when he promised he will.
But I wish I'd spoken louder then,
I wish he'd have listened, wish he was here still,

I would wish myself away. Wishing's nice, but no good.
So until he comes again, I'll just wait here where I stood,

And I still can see his face…

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