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Biscuits in the Jar

אוגוסט 20th, 2009 by Dana
Biscuits in the Jar

TTTO Whiskey in the Jar (Trad.)
One can call this the G-rated version of the original song.

One fine sunday morning just as I was waking
Mom was in the kitchen and I smelled that she was baking
She was making cookies, and I was getting hungry
So I waited until mother had to go into the pantry

I can't eat any more cookie dough…
Wait till your dad comes home! X 2
There's biscuits in the jar.

I got all of the cookies, and they were warm and tasty.
I took all of the cookies, went across the road to Stacy.
She swore that she loved me, we'd grow up and get married,
But that snitch, she told her mother cause she said my mom'd be worried.

I can't eat any more cookie dough…

Being warm from cookies, I was getting sleepy.
I lay down on Stacy's bed and found myself there napping.
Twas about six, maybe seven, when in walked my mother!
I jumped, threw my pillow at her, then stumbled on the covers.

I can't eat any more cookie dough…

Now some kids they like soccer, and some kids like their footballs,
And some kids like to run outside, or climb up on the high walls.
Me, I like napping, and cookies warm and tasty -
But now I'm grounded and I swear I'll never talk to Stacy!

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