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The FTL Engine

ספטמבר 17th, 2009 by Dana
The FTL Engine

TTTO "The Rainbow Connection".

Do you see all of those
Stars in the heavens?
Do you know they're all suns?
Far away systems
And shining blue planets
Why should we know just one?
Physics preclude it, they call it deluded
But dreaming just happens, you see

Someday we'll build it
The FTL Engine
The theories, techies, and me

How many SF books
And how many filk songs
Have said that it's grow or die?
Life and necessity
And hopes for the future
Are luring us towards the sky
Such inspiration must bring forth creation
And who knows what futures we'll see?

Someday we'll build it
The FTL Engin
The writers, the singers and me

Oh, all of us under its spell
Impossible never did stop us…

Somewhere across that void
Wonders are shining
Wonders are calling my name
Filkers and physicists
Writers and builders
Are driven by one and the same
So many told it and preciously hold it
It's something that we're supposed to be

Someday we'll build it
The FTL Engine
The lovers, the dreamers and me

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