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Re: Your Drains

29 ביולי 2009 מאת Tamir
Re: Your Drains

to the tune of "Re: Your Brains" by Jonathan Coulton

Hey you guys, it's Bob, from the plumbers down the street,
I'm replacing Mario today.
Things were going pretty well except that you're attacking me,
And I'm not getting hazard pay.
I think I'm being reasonable when I'm landing on your shell,
Cause while I don't want to hurt you I don't see this ending well.
I don't want to be a jerk,
So if you'd just let me work, really…

All I want to do is fix your drains,
I'm not a fighting man, fire flowers ain't my style.
All I want to do is fix your drains,
What do those mushroom mean? This could really take a while.
If you stop attacking me, I'll just come inside and fix your drains.
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