ארכיון לחודש פברואר, 2021

a blessing

A blessing give forever more
To those who dwell upon the shore
Who wave to distant ships at sea
And make the landfall safe for thee
Who think of lands they've never known
When building harbors of their own.
Who wait to hear you tell your tales
When you've returned from setting sail.
A blessing give one hundred fold
To folks who took this task of old,
Who charted sea and charted sky
And never ceased in asking why.
To those who learned to name the stars
Who studied currents, shoals and bars,
Who mapped out pitfalls to beware
And left their wisdom to be shared.
A blessing give to near or far
Of those whose eyes are charmed by stars
Who long for everything we'll find
If we keep wonder in our minds.
Who'll build for seas more harsh than this,
Who'll face the void and name it bliss,
Who hope to find some strange new hand,
To reach it and to understand.
A blessing be upon their work,
Each smith and bard and shipping clerk,
Whose efforts set our hearts to flight;
That dipped into eternal night.
A blessing: may we always yearn,
As ships go out and ships return,
For knowledge, stars and distant shores –
A blessing give forevermore!

לא חוזרים אל השגרה

מסכינו מפיצים שמועות בלי הרף
עוד שבוע כבר תגיע הבשורה:
לא, עדיין לא נוכל לצאת לשוט עם ערב.
רק בסתיו נחזור אל השגרה.
על פנינו מסכות מבד ופלסטיק
את ידינו שוב נרחץ, זה לא נורא.
כן, להיות בבית כל הזמן זה לא פנטסטי
אבל לא, לא חוזרים אל השגרה.
וגם את, שבחדרך את מסתגרת
ובוהה מן המיטה במנורה,
אין מה להגיד לך. רק אחזיק לך יד, אומרת:
זה קשה, אבל אין לנו ברירה.
אחכה איתך בסקייפ ועל הרשת
ובסיפורים שיחד עוד נקרא,
כן, את עצובה, את עייפה ואת חוששת:
אך לזמן הקרוב, זאת השגרה.


סטימפאנק בשמש

באור קרני שמש, העיר היא טיטאנית.
היפה באמת – היא תמיד חדשנית.
אלך נא היום עם בתי המכאנית
אל כל הדברים שנוצרו בשנית.

הנה הספינה העולה אל האתר,
והיא את רזי הרקיע תחקור:
ותא הטייסת, מורם מן היתר,
מותיר את ארצי הקטנה מאחור.

הנה משרת מברזל ומאבן,
סבל הרחובות, הנושא את כובדם.
כמותך הוא, בתי, יצירה משלהבת,
דמותה של פסגת גאונות האדם.

גבהו בימי המדע והדעת
אנחנו כובלים שנאים לבריות
הרי גם גופנו הוא ארץ נודעת
שלה יתווספו עוד עיניים לראות.

בערב אחד גם אנחנו נגיע
לעיר חדשה באורו של כוכב
תסענה ספינות עד לגבול הרקיע
אל שאר עולמות שנמצא אחריו.

הולכת בתי בשדרה שעברנו
מוארת בזיו הלבנה הכבולה
ראה אלוהיי, את כל מה שיצרנו
ומה שבראת הוא רק התחלה.

The Fangirl

(To the tune of “The Boxer” by Simon and Garfunkel)

I am just a fangirl, and my story’s seldom told,
I have squandered all my hours
On a kindleful of yaoi, such are interwebz:
All cats and porn. Still, a girl reads what she wants to read
And other things she scorns.

When i wrote and published a WIP, i was no more than a n00b
In the company of ficcers,
In the silence of that comment section, no one wrote.
Waiting still, i would prowl the realms of LJ, seek the kink memes with a will,
Hunting for the new prompts waiting to be filled.

Asking only for some comments, I went posting up a fic,
but I got no feedback,
Just a “come review my game” from spammer viruses.
And as you’d think, there were times
when I was desperate enough to click that link.

Now I look at all my working drafts, and I’m wishing I was done, signing off
Where the cruel anons that bug me will not yell at me
Telling me
Delete your blog

In the forum stands a fangirl and a writer by her trade
and she carries the reminder of every concrit written in a comment till she cried out,
in her anger and her shame,
but the orphaned fic remains

החום רק מתגבר

תרגום ולוקליזציה של blowing winter in  מאת echos children

האביב דהה, איננו, והקיץ משתלט
וכמו ששמחת בגשם – תלמדי חומו לשאת
הקלת הסתיו עלינו היא חלום ולא יותר
כשאביב הופך לקיץ, והחום רק מתגבר.

הימים צרובים משמש, וצמאים החתולים
עשבים בצד הדרך יבשים ואבלים,
גם העננים אינם, נישאו למקום אחר
כשאביב הופך לקיץ, והחום רק מתגבר.

התקווה אשר בנית והכוח שאספת
היא שלולית דלוחה של מים, נעלמת בשרב.
התחסי בשמי הלילה, כמו ירח מסתתר,
כשאביב הופך לקיץ והחום רק מתגבר?

הן תמיד תוכלי לקרוא לי. נתחבא עם המזגן
את השש-בש נלמד לרקוד, לימונדה בקנקן,
עוד נשיר אל תוך הלילה מנגינות מזמן אחר,
כשאביב הופך לקיץ והחום רק מתגבר

כאלפי תמונות מסרט, זכרונות אותך שוטפים
חתולים אשר ליטפת, אור ירוק בענפים
קרא לים מתוך הצדף, למדורה מאור הנר
נחכה פה שנינו יחד שהקיץ יגמר.

don't forget to wash your hands

Do not forget to wash your hands

It puts us all in danger

You will be given reprimands

And scowling looks from strangers.

If you don't have a sink, it's wise

To do your best to sanitize…

Do not forget to wash your hands.

And mind your manners, lest illness overtake the land,

And don't forget to wash your hands!

Make proper use of PPE

To stave away diseases

Take off your gloves when you go pee

Put masks on for your sneezes!

And though you're lonely and upset

Don't buy any mosquito nets…

Make proper use of gloves and masks.

And mind your manners…

Do not go out into the street

Unless you have good reason

Except for meds or food to eat

Just wait until next season.

If seven hundred folks get sick

You'd be known as a giant prick…

Do not go out into the street.

the web-owl

TTTO: the were-owl, by SJ Tucker
Look long enough into the posts on any website:
All the pictures look alike.
They all highlight joy one way or another,
Ever chasing likes.
Everyone longs for attention, for the spotlight
Lovers more than most at times.
You've sought for joy where few have ever found it,
Captured still in shining smiles.
User, log in and stay a while.
Take care what you find
when you're scrolling down
On your Android at night
And who, who, who is it there reflected in the darkened screen
And how, how, how can you make
The pictures show the proper image,
So it's right for who you are within?
I've heard this said: only fools will chase approval
From some strangers who don't care.
Foolish the heart that hangs on interactions
With the posts it shares.

One moment it's bliss, then despair comes in the next one –
You've been in this place before.
Neurotransmitters that drown your better reason
Leave you wanting so much more.
You're only a product inside some store.
And who, who, who is it, scared to log off, miss a single post?
And how, how, how can you find
Any peace of mind inside this onslaught,
Know you're keeping up – but at what cost?

shifting netscapes, dying memes:
media's never what it seems.
what is this upon the screen?
highlights, not behind the scenes.

who, who, who is it dares to look beyond and call their bluff?
and how, how, how can you learn
not to hope for airbrushed false perfection,
be the you you are, and that's enough

Covid Shanty

TTTO: The Wellerman, by The Longest Johns

A country there was which had a plague
The name of the place I will keep vague
Suffice that for this shanty's sake
Trust it's a place we know.

Soon may delivery come
To bring us dinner or lunch or crumbs
One day, when the lockdown is done
We'll take our leave and go
The room we had to roam was small
We couldn't leave our house at all
No company can come to call
We learned to bake and sew
Soon may delivery come…
The times were hard, we could not deal,
A tiredness that would not heal,
When it was time to eat a meal,
We ordered stuff to go.
Soon may delivery come…

Still I Call


TTTO "The Sparrow" by Beth Kinderman

Can you remind me what purpose are we serving?
I’m not sure I know the difference anymore.
Is it the road that I had struggled not to travel
Or the voice that called me onwards to explore?

I had a plan: how to save the world from ending
I thought I knew it all and understood
But I’m just a voice reading someone else’s statement
And naught I ever did did any good

Oh hear my cry,
Hear my terror and elation
Hear the words wrought to explain what can have no explanation
The Eye of the watcher,
We suffer and it sees it all –
But still I call, still I call, still I call…

We sought for knowledge and worked to meet the challenge
To keep safe the existence of mankind
We marched ahead, though we knew not what was happening:
We left our own humanity behind

There was no help to defeat what we were facing:
Atrocities beyond the know of man
Now that we know how this story will be ending
Perhaps we should have stopped when we began.

Oh hear my cry,
Hear my terror and elation
Hear the words wrought to explain what can have no explanation
The Eye of the watcher,
We suffer and it sees it all –
But still I call, still I call, still I call…

They took away one more person that I cared for
As though he was some nothing to discard
I matched my strength with the forces of the Lonely
Went in knowingly and came back with small and scarred

There is no hope in terror of the Beings,
Just the horror of the new world they will make
So I must ask: could I kept it all from happening,
If I just had the common sense to break?

Come now, Eye,
Flesh, Corruption, Desolation,
All who know and do not understand –
We’re lost in translation.
Their grasp on the world holds,
They’re coming and we’ve lost it all
But still I call, still I call, still I call…

Jonah gloating at the panopticon


TTTO: "Prince Ali (Jafar's reprise)" from Disney's aladin

Archivist! oh I have missed our little meetings
You’ve been gone, trav'ling so long; here, finally.
The world is ruined, and I
Now reign, beloved of the Eye,
So won’t you join me in ruling eternally?

You refuse? Oh well, I’m used to disappointment.
That’s to say, I’ll have my way eventually.
You know, it’s safe to assume
Your charming efforts are doomed.
What’s done to the world cannot be reversed,
You think this is bad? Well, just wait for worse,
As I gut reality, the finality
Of my schemes you will see:
You all must bow to me!

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