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Lady of the Lake

אוקטובר 20th, 2008 by Tamir
Lady of the Lake
by Tamir Buchshtav
Based on "Lily of the West"

When first I came to Avalon,
My king a sword did need.
I saw a maiden fair as snow,
That in the lake was hid.
Held in her hand she held a sword,
Naught on this world could make,
She said her name was Nimue, the Lady of the Lake.

A feast was held in Camelot,
The knights their fealty swore,
When to the room a white hart came,
Pursued by sixty hounds.
One more, a brachet small and white,
A knight did rise to take,
That hound belonged to Nimue, the Lady of the Lake.

Another knight then rode inside,
The lady carried off,
“From her we’re rid as well,” the King,
Said from his throne aloft.
“Not so!” I cried, and told him that,
“Ye must pursue the rake!”
“Ye owe thy sword to Nimue, The Lady of the Lake.”

To find the lady and the knight,
King Pellinore was sent,
To rescue her and bring her back,
Her honor to defend.
He brought her back to Camelot,
And in adventure’s wake,
I fell in love with Nimue, the Lady of the Lake.

My secrets all I told to her,
For love did cloud my mind,
But now I know she loved me not,
A son of demonkind.
Entombed in Cromwell I was left,
Imprisoned by her hate,
But still I love my Nimue, the Lady of the Lake.

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