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עד אלייך

20 באוקטובר 2008 מאת Dana

עד אלייך

מבוסס על Bow's Turned Back של הת'ר אלכסנדר.
משה צדקה כתב גרסה מתורגמת לאנגלית שאפשר למצוא כאן

בבדידות הליל, אחשוב רק עלייך,
ביושבי בין כיסא ומסך.
בוהה בעינייך, שבוי בקסמייך,
רוצה ורואה רק אותך.
כבר הגיע הזמן שאצא מכאן,
אעזוב את שתיקת המשרד;
אבל לא, עוד לא – כי את כאן, את פה,
אנחנו סוף סוף לבד…

רצים הת'רדים בבוהק לדים,
עובד המעבד עד כלות.
אפל החדר, עולה התדר -
אני מוכן להתעלות,
עד אלייך…
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tShell, Ma Belle

מאת Dana
tShell, Ma Belle

Wrote the following during a course about a real-time OS called VxWorks (NASA wrote the Mars Lander with it!). One of my fellow students started singing "tShell, my belle", and I couldn't help but pick up the gauntlet.
Tune: Beatles' "Michelle, Ma Belle"

tShell, ma belle,
Turned my life into a living hell,
My tShell.

tShell, ma belle,
All the other tasks are stuck on PEND,
my tShell.

I need to, I need to, I need to,
I need to get this done.
Can't think of silly puns;
Until I do, my sanity will have to hold up.

tShell, oh well -
Nothing's working so I might as well
Kill tShell.

Reboot, you brute!
I know something rotten is afoot -
To the root!

I killed you, I killed you, I killed you,
And yet you wouldn't die.
I don't know how or why,
So I will press the only key to which you deign to respond
My tShell.

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A Screen Too Blue

מאת Dana
A Screen Too Blue

Tune: Three Weird Sisters' "A Gown Too Blue"

::sounds of computer loading::

Running at 100% CPU
I test the pitiful programs I do.
Running in debug mode
I try to test my code
Praying to God it'll work.
Breakpoints and debug prints,
Searching for clues and hints,
Hunting the bugs that still lurk.

I suffered from over-confidence;
Thought I could make this work right.
What I wrote yesterday makes no sense;
God, this'll take the whole night!
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Flee the Light of Holy Java

מאת Dana
Flee the Light of Holy Java!

Inspired by a moment in the Mage campaign my brother was running — admittedly, it ended up differently (and also included a moment where the vampire told me his age in hexadecimal), but… well.
Tune: "Glory Glory Hallelujah"

I am but a simple programmer, with logic to my mind,
So when I looked back as I walked, I never thought to find
A vampire a-stalkin' me, and closing up behind
To come and suck my blood!
On my Palm there's Holy Java,
Glory to the Holy Java,
With the use of Holy Java
The vampire will be mud!
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Irish Code Monkey Song

מאת Tamir

Irish Code Monkey Song
by Tamir Buchshtav

I have been writing code since before I could speak,
The first thing I remember is learning to click,
So I caught quite a shock when I heard the new shtick,
Microsoft hiring monkeys again המשך הקטע »

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Early Morning Pinging Song

מאת Tamir

Early morning pinging song
by Tamir Buchshtav
based on "Early Morning Singing Song" from Haor

Hello computer
My Mac says Shalom
Your IP’s in New York
My IP’s in Rome

Hello computer
Now give me a pong
I want to know where you are
An early morning pinging song המשך הקטע »

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שיחות מתכנתים

מאת Tamir

מאת תמיר בוכשטב
מבוסס על "דמעות של מלאכים" של גידי גוב ויהודית רביץ

שיחות מתכנתים

שיחות מתכנתים,
שיחות על קוד,
שיחות שונות ומשונות,
בצד ברקע, השיחות מתנהלות.
לא מתקמפלות. המשך הקטע »

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