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Pushing the Message On

20 באוקטובר 2008 מאת Dana
Pushing the Message On

It figures that the only Pratchett filk I have written to date is 1. serious-bordering-on-OSE and 2. incomprehensible to anyone who hadn't read a certain Discworld novel ("Going Postal", as it happens – and if you like Pratchett and haven't read it yet, READ IT).
Also, it figures that the people this song relates to are basically the Discworld's equivalent of network programmers. Heh.
Tune: Jordin Kare's "Pushing the Speed of Light"

Now the Grand Trunk stretches across the land
Pushing the message on.
And the towers need every working hand
To push the message on.
And you're far too young, and you're far too bright,
But it's far away and the pay's all right,
So you find yourself spending endless nights
Pushing the message on.

And you've left behind you your childhood's home
To direct the messages' restless roam
As you're pushing the message on.
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הקמ"א מפלוגת וומפיר

מאת Dana

הקמ"א מפלוגת וומפיר

מבוסס במעורפל על סיפורי פלוגת וומפיר של גיא ווינר. מי אמר שאין פילקים לסיפורת מקומית?
לחן: Barrett's Privateers

הייתי אז בן שבע-עשרה.
לא ידעתי כלום מהחיים.
אמרו לי, "לך לעתודה,
קבל תנאים ועבודה–"
הבני זונות! הבטיחו לי
כבוד, יקר, חיים קלים,
כספים לרוב, עתיד מזהיר–
ואני שבוז וקצת מריר,
הקמ"א מפלוגת וומפיר.
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עוד חוזר הסיפור

מאת Dana

עוד חוזר הסיפור

נכתב לתחרות הפילקים של פאנ.קון 2006, יחד עם "להביור" ועוד שיר שהחלטתי שעדיף שישכח מהזיכרון הקיבוצי.
מבוסס על: "עוד חוזר הניגון", הגרסה של ברי סחרוף

ההקלטה דווקא מבוססת על הגרסה של חווה אלברשטיין.

עוד חוזר הסיפור שקראת לשוא
והעלילה שוב נפרשת בלי צורך.
מסעות וקסמים; רגעים משמימים
ישוועו לחינם לעורך.
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מאת Dana


מבוסס על "חופשה באדום". לחן – סשה ארגוב, מילים – עמוס אטינגר.
ושוב אני כותבת שירים על פלוגת ואמפיר. מה יהיה בסופי?

והערב זימן לכיכר שבעיר
חייל של שדה, ולו עור כה בהיר,
וקרא לחייל הלום.
ועיניו העוטות עדשות עכורות,
הן שתו את העיר ומראה האורות
ובניין של דירות בסמטה אפורה
העיר זיכרון בחייל, וקרא:
החייל נעצר והביט,
וחשב, והחליט-לא-החליט…
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Yet Another Cthulhu Filk

מאת Tamir
Yet Another Cthulhu Filk
by Tamir Buchshtav
based on "Everything for Free" by K's Choice

I don't know who you are,
But you seem very nice,
So will you talk to me?
Shall I tell you a story?
Shall I tell you a dream?
They think I'm crazy,
They don't know that he does exist,
They all exist,
They will, come get us all some day. המשך הקטע »

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The Wheel Must Go On

מאת Tamir
The Wheel Must Go On
by Tamir Buchshtav
based on "The Show must go on" by Queen

Empty pages,
What are we living for?
Abandoned faces,
Of heroes from before.
On and on, does anybody know what we are writing for?

Another Jordan,
To write the Wheel again,
A score more books to
String on this endless chain.
Hold the line, does anybody want to read this anymore? המשך הקטע »

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Orion's Lament

מאת Tamir
Orion's Lament
by Tamir Buchshtav

In a war that lasted eons,
We have fought since time began.
Through the ages we have battled,
Clashing time and time again. המשך הקטע »

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My Preciousss

מאת Tamir
My preciousss
by Tamir Buchshtav
based on "you are my sunshine" by Jimmie Davis and Charles Mitchell

You are my preciousss,
My only preciousss,
You makes me happy,
Like a big fat fish.
Those nasty hobbitses,
That Bilbo bagins,
Came and took my preciousss away.

The other night (gholum)
While we were hunting,
Preciousss slipped away from us.
The nasty hobbit,
Came by and took it,
So we chase the hobbitses down.

You are my preciousss…

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Monkeys don't do those things

מאת Tamir
Monkeys don’t do those things
by Tamir Buchshtav
based on "Ladies don't do those things" by Escape Key

I was born in a cave as my clan used to be
And I’d never look more then a caveman to thee
Cause humans in my time were weaklings and prey
But progress’ the power that would win us the day
It was back in our first cave it came to a head
When a few proto-tigers would prey on our band
But its life that we want and to spread on the world
I heard my sons then saying:
“Monkeys don’t do those things”
Oh no they don’t but then torch-bearers do
Stay safe in your cave until I come for you
And when I came back from the mountains of flame
You never once though to get over your shame
What your brains can do you never knew
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The King in the Hill

מאת Tamir
The King in the Hill
by Tamir Buchshtav
based on "The Fool on the Hill" by The Beatles

Age after age,
Down under the hill,
The man with a thousand names is lying perfectly still,
And nobody ever wakes him,
For they fear the things he might do,
And nobody calls his name now,

But the king in the hill still dreams under his crown,
And the blood on his hands keeps the world spinning round.
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